Aug 272012

By Nick Worth
In their Aug. 15 meeting, members of the Holbrook City Council set aside Saturday, Sept. 8, as the second annual cleanup day to prepare the city for the Navajo County Fair, which opens Wednesday, Sept. 12, and runs through Sunday, Sept. 16.
Mayor Jeff Hill said the city usually sees a large influx of visitors for the event, with the average attendance for the past several years approximately 20,000 people.
“We want the city to look nice for the visitors,” said City Councilman Bobby Tyler. He said the cleanup efforts will concentrate on the downtown area from the entrance into Holbrook on Highway 77 to Hopi Drive, then from Third Avenue to Seventh Street and Joy Nevin Avenue to Erie Street.
Tyler said the cleanup volunteers will gather at 8 a.m. on Sept. 8 on the grounds of the old county courthouse. He said he hopes to involve individual citizens, as well as church groups and organizations such as the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.
According to Tyler, the city will provide trash bags, gloves and vests to the volunteers, and the cleanup work will go until noon.
Hill said in the council meeting that the city would clean up city property, but that citizens need to clean up their own property, including getting rid of weeds.
According to the Holbrook City Code, Chapter 3, “Every person who owns any property in the city shall at all times keep and maintain every sidewalk, landscape area, street, alley, easement, right of way or other similar area adjacent to the property free of garbage and debris, except garbage or debris contained within an authorized receptacle.”
The code also makes it the responsibility of property and building owners to keep the land and buildings free of deterioration, blight, debris and garbage, and any noxious or toxic weed, any uncultivated or overgrown plant, and any dry or dead vegetation.
For more information on the cleanup event, contact Tyler at (928) 241-0450.