Aug 312012

By Francie Payne
Congressman Jeff Flake, a Snowflake native, won the Republican nomination for the seat being vacated by Jon Kyl, the third ranking Republican in the U.S. Senate.
Flake, who was endorsed by Kyl, led the field in his primary with 289,743 votes statewide, followed by Wil Cardon with 88,746; Clair Van Steenwyk, 23,660; and Bryan Hackbarth, 15,839. In Navajo County, Flake received 5,369 votes; Cardon, 1,543; Van Steenwyk, 330; and Hackbarth, 284.
Flake will face Richard Carmona in the general election. Carmona, a former U.S. Surgeon General under President George W. Bush, was drafted to run by President Barack Obama. He received 242,825 votes in the Democratic primary, including 6,419 cast in Navajo County.
Former Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick won the Democratic primary for the District 1 congressional seat, outpolling Wenona Benally Baldenegro 29,952 to 16,786 district-wide and 4,301 to 3,364 in Navajo County.
She will face Republican Jonathan Paton in the general election. Paton drew 24,576 votes district-wide and 3,959 in Navajo County; Gaither Martin, 7,504 and 1,809; Douglas Wade, 5,780 and 684; and Patrick Gatti, 2,367 and 383.
Due to redistricting, District 1 Congressman Paul Gosar, who defeated Kirkpatrick in 2010, chose to run instead in District 4. He won the Republican primary, and will face either Democrat Johnnie Robinson or Mikel Weisser, who were separated by just 23 votes in the unofficial results, and Libertarian Joe Pamelia in the general election.
Redistricting also affected the state legislative races.
District 5 State Representative Chester Crandell was unopposed in the Republican primary for the District 6 seat in the Arizona Senate. He drew 14,723 votes district-wide and 3,163 in Navajo County. He will face District 2 State Representative Tom Chabin in the general election. Chabin was unopposed in the Democratic primary, where he drew 9,778 votes district-wide and 975 in Navajo County.
District 5 State Representative Brenda Barton and Bob Thorpe were the Republican candidates for the two District 6 seats in the Arizona House of Representatives. Thorpe received 12,274 votes district-wide and 2,305 in Navajo County, while Barton received 12,010 and 2,525.
They will face Democrats Angela LeFevre and Doug Ballard in November. LeFevre received 8,292 votes district-wide and 744 in Navajo County, while Ballard received 7,297 and 717.
Incumbent Bob Stump led the Republican candidates for three seats on the Arizona Corporation Commis-sion. He drew 280,829 votes statewide and 4,738 in Navajo County, followed by Susan Bitter Smith with 264,546 and 4,381, and Robert “Bob” Burns with 255,357 and 4,259.
They will meet three Democratic candidates in November, incumbents Sandra Kennedy and Paul New-man, and Marcia Busching. Kennedy received 194,550 votes statewide and 4,677 in Navajo County, followed by Newman with 175,475 and 3,867, and Busching with 162,220 and 3,160.
These unofficial results include reports from 1,660 of the 1,667 precincts statewide. A total of 713,218 of the 3,100,575 registered voters participated for a 23 percent voter turnout.