Aug 312012

By Francie Payne
Navajo County Treasurer Manny Hernandez and Division III Superior Court Judge John Lamb handily defeated their opponents in the Democratic primary election Tuesday, according to the unofficial results available Wednesday. Neither faces any opposition in the November General Election.
Hernandez held a nearly 2 to 1 margin over former assistant county manager Dusty Parsons, outpolling him 4,844 to 2,815.
Lamb’s margin was even larger as he drew 5,315 votes to Eduardo Coronado’s 2,212.
Those running unopposed for re-election in both the primary and general elections include County Asses-sor Cammy Darris, who received 6,582 votes; County Attorney Brad Carlyon, who received 6,651 votes; County School Superintendent Linda Lee Morrow, who received 6,528 votes; District II County Supervisor Jesse Thompson, who received 1,825 votes; District IV County Supervisor David Tenney, who received 2,179 votes; and Division IV Superior Court Judge Michala Ruechel, who received 6,618 votes. All are De-mocrats except Tenney, who is a Republican.
District I County Supervisor Jonathan Nez defeated Lee Jack Sr. in the primary, 1,763 to 679. Both are Democrats. Nez faces no opposition in the general election.
District III County Supervisor J.R. DeSpain was unopposed in the Democratic primary, where he drew 977 votes, but will face State Senator Sylvia Allen in November. She earned her place on the general election ballot by defeating Snowflake Town Councilman Tom Poscharsky, 2,167 to 485.
Challenger Dawnafe Whitesinger held a 24-vote edge over incumbent Jerry Brownlow in the Democratic primary for the District V seat on the Board of Supervisors. She drew 692 votes to Brownlow’s 668. That was the closest county race and will not be called until the results are official. The winner will face no opposition in November.
County Recorder Laurette “Lori” Justman had little problem defeating Alberto Peshlakai in the Democ-ratic primary, outpolling him 4,676 votes to 2,857. She will face Republican Michele Baker in the general election. Baker received 5,360 votes in the primary.
Division II Superior Court Judge Bob Higgins edged challenger Morgan Brown in the Democratic pri-mary, 3,700 to 3,557. He will face Republican Shawn Taylor, who drew 5,393 votes in the primary, in No-vember.
Sheriff KC Clark, a Democrat, drew 6,700 votes in the primary. He will face Republican Cameron Peter-son, a Show Low police officer, in the general election. Peterson received 5,875 votes in the primary.
The unofficial results included returns from all 61 of the county’s precincts. A total of 15,720 of the county’s 58,628 registered voters participated in the primary election for a 26.81 percent voter turnout.

Photo by Linda Kor
Holbrook Assistant City Manager Randy Sullivan leaves the polls at Tuesday’s Primary Election. Voter turnout in Navajo County was 26.81 percent, a little better than the state turnout of 23 percent.