Aug 312012

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council proclaimed September as Recovery Month during its meeting Tuesday evening.
Carol Dawn of Community Bridges accepted the proclamation and noted that the group serves the area by helping people recover and develop life skills. She said that it is important to educate youth and that Community Bridges had done a program at the high school last year and hopes to do another. She said that persons needing help with addiction or other problems could contact Community Bridges at (928) 289-3151 or at (928) 524-1151 in Holbrook. She intro-duced Navajo Tribal Liaison Anderson Phillip, who said that he was born in Winslow and that getting people to rec-ognize their needs and recover is what Community Bridges is all about.
The council heard reports from City Manager Jim Ferguson, Chamber of Commerce Director Bob Hall and Fi-nance Director Regina Reffner.
Ferguson reported that there are two vacancies each on the Board of Adjustment and the Historic Preservation Commission.
He also noted that the city plans to annex the land on which it has water tanks near Gunther Heights.
Ferguson reported that the city would be doing street improvements from Sept. 5 through 11, and that there is a list of which streets would be under repair on what days on the city’s website. Citizens are urged to check that list.
He also spoke of the problems with the salt pile on county land south of Winslow, and said the city continues to work with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality on that situation.
Librarian Docia Blaylock reported that the library now has downloadable audio books, a Play Away player for movies and a new story time person in Hank Travis, replacing the popular Molly Jackson, who left the library to work with the Winslow School System.
Reffner reported that staff is continuing to monitor all revenue sources and keep a close eye on expenditures. She said that revenues received for the month of July were $620,000. Expenditures for the month were just under $575,000, which included $86,500 to Navajo County for court costs, $24,000 capital lease payment for the water stor-age tank and $15,000 for a used vehicle for the police department. In July, the city also made payment of $828,000 in expenditures for merchandise and services which were actually received in the previous fiscal year.
Sept. 12-16 was proclaimed as Navajo County Fair Days.
The possibility of obtaining a historic passenger car resulted in much discussion regarding costs of getting it to Winslow, finding a location and setting it up, and other at present unknowns. After the discussion, the council voted to continue investigating the possibilities of getting the 1947 passenger car if the price and the possible location and use are acceptable.
A resolution was approved adopting the Navajo County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.
The ratification of a vote taken on Aug. 14 regarding approval of the Small Community Environmental Plan was approved.
Chamber of Commerce Director Bob Hall spoke during the call to the public and noted that this year’s Christmas parade slogan would be Get Your Christmas Kicks on Route 66.
The consent calendar was adopted and gave approval of the check register, minutes of council meetings on Aug. 14, delegation of an agreement between the fire department and ADEQ to issue burn permits, and a special events liq-uor license for the Standin’ on the Corner Festival to be held on Sept. 28 and 29.