Sep 282012

Photos by Linda Kor

The freshman class at Holbrook High School hit the road in this graffiti covered “bus,” following the homecoming parade theme Life Is a Highway.

Brandon Kester and Alexandra Jeffers-Sample were the 2012 Holbrook High School Freshman Home-coming Royalty.

Holbrook High School Principal Lance Phaturos (driving) and his Roadrunner “Phanatics” made the most of the parade as it moved down Hopi Drive. Students include (left to right) Luella Woodty and Brianna Thomas (in front of the Jeep), Deloris Yazzie, Ralphelia Chee (inside the Jeep), Lance Lee (holding on to the back), Lucas Dickson, Garrick Greymountain, Gabriel Greymountain and Nigan Begay.

Daniel Foster and Joy Briceland were the 2012 Holbrook High School Sophomore Homecoming Royalty.

The Holbrook High School sophomore class made its own highway, with Holbrook leaving the Yellowjackets in the dust in this fun float.

Gerry Shumway and Magnus Mortensen were the 2012 Holbrook High School Junior Homecoming Royalty.

The junior class float shows the Holbrook team enjoying life on the highway while a Blue Ridge Yellowjacket may not be so fortunate.

The 2012 Holbrook Homecoming Senior Court included (left to right) Kylie Koerperich and Andy Leon, Gabriel Andis and Jessica Paz, Tucker Maestas, Olin Roan and Heather Dudley, and (not pictured) Auburn Dush.