Sep 282012

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council met on Tuesday in a special session to discuss curbside recycling with Waste ManageWinslow Council Will Seek
Input On Recycling Proposal
ment officials.
Willard Black and Bill Day of Waste Management spoke to the council, noting that the company is offering the city the same proposal now that was first offered in 2010.
The proposal would change trash collection from twice a week to once a week and add a recyclable collection once a week. Residents would be given a second toter for use in recycling.
They estimated that each household would average 15 pounds of recyclable material and 50 pounds of trash each week.
Many citizens spoke, and asked questions of the representatives and the council.
Mayor Robin Boyd said that the city needs to do some more research on the issue and should take a survey of residents. He said that a survey completed years ago found a large majority opposed to adding recycling.
There were many residents who spoke in favor of the program and some against it. Many just asked questions.
The council passed a motion to get more information, share it with the public and conduct another survey.