Oct 052012

Photos by Talaina Kor-Fisher

Joseph City seventh graders got wild with their wildcat jungle float as they prepared to take part in the homecoming parade.

Joseph City eighth graders chose to go undercover with their wildlife float, with many class members wearing camouflage.

Freshman class royalty included (left to right) Jeff Downs, Sadie Tuckfield, Chalet Baldwin, Kaden Crosby, Hayden Hendricks, Sam Johnstun and Nancy Baldwin.

The freshman class float got into the parade theme with their “Unleash The Wild” float.

Junior class royalty included Landen Hunt, Jim Hansen, Jewell Plower, Laura Parra, Wyatt Johnson, Madison Fields and Brooke Baldwin.

The junior class went island native for their float with classmates (front) Michael Diaz, (left to right) Lance Farnes, Cody Davis, Dakota Thomas, Robert Downs, Kymber Flake, Yarro Peters and Katerina Ortiz.

Senior class royalty included Sierra Johnstun, Lachele Baldwin, Taylor Heward, Jacob Fields, Lexi Edwards, Robert Larsen and Joel DeWitt.

The senior class float featured classmates dressing for the jungle, including (front, left to right) Sierra Hansen, Heidi Hunsacker, (back) Isaac Hutton, Melanie Ortiz and Dalton Hughes.

The sophomore royalty included Krista Edwards, Conner Neal, Bryson Palmer, Landon Baldwin, Lindi Gardner and Taylor Elmer.

Shannon Mosier (left), Sydney Weatherford and their sophomore classmates had great fun during the homecoming parade.