Oct 052012

The Winslow Centennial Committee and the Winslow Historical Society continue celebrating the city’s his-tory with “Kicks on Winslow’s Route 66,” a special presentation scheduled from 2 to 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 13, at the Winslow Visitors Center/Hubbell Trading Post, 523 W. Second St. The program will be presented by two members of Route 66 family businesses, Dona Bruchman Harris (Bruchman’s Indian Curio) and Bunny Buckley Nimtz (Buckely’s Bootery).
You’ve heard a lot about getting your kicks on Route 66 from the famous 1946 song by Bobby and Cynthia Troup, but do you know Winslow’s Route 66 history? Do you remember when the big semis went both east and west on Second Street? Are you old enough to recall Peter Paul’s candy shop, or the popcorn stand? Marshall Hayes’ or Boney Candelaria’s shoe repair shops? Did you buy your moccasins from Bruchman’s, or hang out at the National or Grand Cafes? Do you remember when Jim Irwin went to work for Whitey Larson at the Stan-dard Station?
Winslow’s stretch of Route 66 also accommodated two five-and-dime stores, and Marcher Motors and APS were right on the corner of Second Street and Williamson Avenue. Babbitt’s Department Store, J.C. Penney’s, Buckley’s Bootery, Central and Winslow drugs, Ralph and Bessie’s Barbecue–there is so much to reminisce about, please join don’t miss this walk down memory lane!
This event is one of the Second Saturdays in Winslow, a year-long series of programs that explore Winslow’s diverse history in celebration of the Arizona State Centennial on Feb. 14, 2012. Go online to www.OldTrailsMuseum.org for the latest exhibit and program information.