Oct 102012

By Linda Kor
The 2012 Navajo County Fair proved to be a great success with 28,296 visitors attending, an 11 percent increase in over the previous year. That figure included all people attending the fair, excluding volunteers and security personnel.
“I received no complaints from the public regarding the fair itself and everything seemed to go very well,” stated Fair Board President Mike Sample.
Events Director Mina Henning reported that aside from some minor security issues, the reports from visi-tors were all positive.
“We had a lot more visitors from south county than in the past, and the ones I spoke with were really im-pressed with the fair and the City of Holbrook. Lots of them hadn’t been to this part of the county in years,” Henning commented.
The fair was also visited by an evaluator with the governor’s office who comes every other year to assess how the funds provided to the fair are being spent.
“He takes pictures, counts animals, notes improvements, and looks for standing water and that sort of thing. He seemed very impressed and commented that we are one of the few fairs in the state that actually match the information that is sent to the governor’s office,” stated Henning.
Sample noted that the evaluator was very pleased with the fairgrounds’ emergency response plan, and re-quested a copy of it to present to other fair boards for their facilities.
Representatives of each department reported success with their events. The skid steer demonstration held during the demolition derby by board member Jake Hatch not only impressed spectators, but also a potential new sponsor. “Bingham Equipment is interested in adding to Jake’s show and wants to bring in large equipment, including a bigger excavator. In addition, Empire wants to bring in an equipment simulator. If we decide to do this, we will need to move it to a location on the fairgrounds with more space,” explained Henning.
The addition of the lawnmower races was also a crowd pleaser. Henning said there is local interest in forming a lawnmower racing group.
Sample informed the board that they should have figures available at the Nov. 1 meeting detailing the expenses of the fair, with a comparison to expenses over the past four years.