Oct 122012

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council met on Tuesday as the Winslow Housing Authority and heard Public Housing Director Jesse Fernandez explain a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) representative’s suggestion that the board stop using policies and procedures it has not adopted. This was done, and three resolutions were adopted approving the Housing Authority’s administrative plan, its occupancy plan and its waiting list priority list for both public housing programs.
The regular meeting followed and most council members commented on the success of the car and quilt shows held recently and their successes. It was said that there were 152 entries in the car show.
City Manager Jim Ferguson reported that surveys are being conducted in various departments regarding the use of city equipment. Some changes have been implemented as a result of the surveys.
The consent calendar was adopted, giving approvals to the check register and minutes of Sept. 25 council meetings.
The council voted to waive vendor fees for the Christmas Parade. The parade will be held on Nov. 17 and will fol-low the theme “Get Your Kicks on Route 66.”
A request for financial support for the Winslow Santa Fe Indian Band Reunion on Nov. 16 and 17 resulted in pas-sage of a motion to fund $1,280 of the cost.
The city manager was authorized to negotiate with C and S Companies for airport engineering design, planning and airport construction management services.
A lengthy discussion was held in regard to curbside recycling and drafting of a survey on the subject. Many from the audience joined the discussion, and the council agreed to revisit the issue of the survey with an item on cost of the program included.
There was a report on the Smartworksplus contract restrictions by City Attorney Dale Patton regarding the city manager’s request regarding the severance clause. Patton said that he saw no problem with the clause.
There was an executive session for discussion and possible consultation with designated persons regarding the possible sale of city land.