Oct 242012

By Sam Conner
The Winslow Unified School District Governing Board adopted a policy change recommended by the Arizona School Board Association on family life education on Oct. 17. The current policy was in compliance with state law, but the change recommended would state that adoption or raising the child herself was the preferred option for a pregnant student. The vote for the change was 4-1.
Board member Marian Scheid moved that the policy should be left as it was, as it complied with state law as required, and that a student in such a position is under a lot of stress and should get advice and counseling from her parents or spiritual leader, not from a school board policy that contains a preferred option. The motion did not get a second, and a motion to adopt the policy passed 4-1, with Scheid voting in opposition.
The board approved the hiring of Jeff Hartman as eighth grade wrestling coach at Winslow Junior High School.
Out of state travel was approved for one employee to the National High School Baseball Coaches Convention scheduled Nov. 29-Dec. 2 in St. Louis, Mo.
The board adopted changes to performance evaluation forms for teachers and principals. The changes are that the forms will include the terms “highly effective, effective, developing and ineffective,” and will be in effect in the 2013-14 school year.
Self-evaluation of board members results were read by board member Loren Sadler, which showed that several members said they needed improvement in some areas, mostly in learning more about the schools and their operations.
The board adopted a resolution to pursue solar projects for the district.
Food Service Director Robynn Paul gave an interesting presentation, noting that Chartwells is increasing the fruit and vegetable servings, serving grains and proteins with lower sodium, reducing saturated fats and eliminating trans fats. She said that there had been an increase in breakfasts served of 133 and lunches of 237 in September.
Assistant Superintendent Lance Heister complimented Paul on her presentation and the job she has been doing.
Winslow High School Principal Chris Gilmore spoke regarding programs at the school, mostly about the I-period, which is an intervention program for students making failing or near failing grades or having failed the AIMS test. He described the 20-minute after school program now being offered in English and math, and how it works.
Superintendent Doug Watson gave employee of the month awards for August and September to Valarie Huerta and Jeannie Oliva of WJHS, and Shelly Clay and Betsy Pollard of Jefferson School.
Winslow Education Association President Sharon Vasquez spoke during the call to the public, noting that the association, along with the Arizona Education Association, would be holding a rally in support of Proposition 204, which would make the temporary one percent sales tax to support education permanent.
Watson said that if that proposition fails, there could be a 22 percent reduction in funding, and he named several things such as all-day kindergarten that would not be funded.