Nov 022012

Photo by Linda Kor
“It’s just a trim,” was the assurance given by Mike O’Dell. This cottonwood tree in front of the old Bucket of Blood Saloon in Holbrook needed to have branches that were overhanging the building removed in order to aid in the preservation of the building. John Espitia volunteers his time with a bucket truck loaned by Ed Heward to cut back some of the more intrusive branches of the large tree. The project is an endeavor of the Horsehead Crossing group, a branch of the Holbrook Heritage Preservation group that cleaned and restored portions of the Holbrook Cemetery. Members of the group have cleared weeds, and removed Chinese elm trees with roots threatening the old structures of the South Central Avenue Historic District. According to O’Dell, the group would like to see the district renamed Horsehead Crossing District to keep with historic significance.