Nov 142012

By Naomi Hatch
The Carioca Company recently bought the Taylor Country Store, located at 615 N. Main St., which now must apply for a Type 10 liquor license that will allow the store to continue selling beer and wine.
A 20-day notice was posted at the site, as required by the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control (DLLC), and neighbors within 100 feet were notified of the public hearing, which was held at the Nov. 7 Taylor Town Council meeting, but no one was there to comment, including the store owner.
The council was charged with making a recommendation of approval or disapproval of the license to DLLC. Previously the council recommended disapproval, which didn’t prevent the business from receiving the license, it just slowed down the process.
Because of the previous liquor license, new ownership can use that license to continue to sell beer and wine until the process has been completed to obtain a new license.
Zoning Administrator Jeff Johnson said he spoke with Snowflake-Taylor Police Chief Jerry VanWinkle, who said that the police department has not responded to any alcohol related incidents there. Clerks employed at the store told Johnson they knew of no alcohol related problems, explaining that no alcohol can be consumed on the premises.
A motion to approve the liquor license application for the Taylor Country Store passed in a 6-0 vote.
In other business, Councilman Shawn Palmer suggested they discuss the municipal water supply in case of an emergency in a council meeting or a work session.
Palmer cited “instability around the world,” noting, “It’s just pretty spooky.” He said he would like to bring up some type of small solar water supply, stating, “I had a few constituents ask me about a few hand pumps on wells. It’s not a doomsday thing, but we really need to look at it.”
Mayor Fay Hatch suggested they look at backup for the lift station.
Town Manager Eric Duthie said that the town has addressed the issues, and he will report on them to the council.