Nov 162012

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council approved allocation of employee bonuses Tuesday evening. Employees with a year or more of service will receive $1,000 bonuses. Those with less seniority will receive a percentage of that, and part-time employees will receive $500 bonuses or a percentage of that, depending upon their length of service.
City Manager Jim Ferguson reported that there is still one vacancy each on the Arts Council, the Board of Adjustment, the Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Historic Preservation Commission.
Allen Rosenbaum noted that the Animal Care Facility now has insulated doghouses and young animals housed inside. He said that heating is being installed at the facility and roofing is being done.
Judge Alison Kolomitz gave a brief city court report.
* Approved the consent calendar, including the check register, minutes of an Oct. 23 council meeting, and an agreement between the city and the Lady Dawgs softball organization.
* Proclaimed Nov. 16 and 17 as Winslow Santa Fe Indian Band Days.
Ken Evans of the Historic Preservation Commission accepted the proclamation. The band will hold its reunion and be honored in Winslow on Nov. 16 and 17.
Evans also spoke about the band and its reunion during the call to the public.
* Approved a resolution authorizing submission of an application for fiscal year 2012 state special project Community Development Block Grant funds.
Prior to the adoption of the resolution, a public hearing was held on the subject, but there were no speakers.
* Approved an ordinance amending the city code to include a new section entitled “Towing and Storage of Vehicles.”
This ordinance had been amended after considerable discussion at a previous council meeting, at which time it was tabled to allow for those changes.
* Approved an ordinance amending the section of the city code referring to Desert View Cemetery.
* Approved an ordinance adopting rules and procedures for hearings before the hearing officer of the city.
During the discussion it was stated that the city hearing officer is appointed by the city manager, but is usually the Apache County Attorney at no cost to the city.
* Approved cancelling the council meeting scheduled on Christmas Day, Dec. 25.