Nov 202012

By Linda Kor
Members of the Holbrook School District Governing Board entered into executive session following their Tuesday meeting to review Superintendent Robbie Koerperich’s evaluation and performance pay review.
The board then returned to regular session to approve the evaluation and performance pay for Koerperich based on his goals, with the pay to be assessed at the end of the school year. No dollar amount was approved.
In other action Nov. 13, the board:
* Authorized the acceptance of a number of grants for student services, including a Title I grant for $1.4 million; Title I Neglected and Delinquent Grant, $29,204; Title II grant, $111,960; Safe and Supportive Schools Grant, $141,000; Rural and Low Income Schools Grant, $37,000; Career and Technical Education Grant, $47,888; and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act grants totaling $60,346.
* Held the final reading and adopted a policy pertaining to immunization of students.
* Held the first reading of revisions to the student wellness policy.
* Approved a review of a policy to ensure the district continues to provide adequate levels of Indian participation throughout the Holbrook School District.
* Authorized the acceptance of a $4,000 Fuel Up 60 Grant for Park and Hulet elementary schools.
* Approved a terminal contract with Ann Darling to teach seventh and eighth grade English at Holbrook Junior High School until a certified and highly qualified teacher is hired.
* Approved Allyson Lee’s internship under Holbrook High School Activities Director Paul Demuth during the second semester of this school year, pending fingerprint clearance approval.
* Authorized the Robotics Club to be eligible to receive tax credit donations.
* Approved the support staff employment of Spencer Radzanowski as Park School and HJHS attendance clerk, and Hulet School daycare substitute; Linda Parker, Park School library assistant; Erica Sam, Indian Wells Elementary School bus monitor; Barbara Harvey, substitute Hulet School secretary; Marcos Serna, HJHS game official; Sara Wakeland, Hulet School assistant daycare caregiver; David Embrey, bus driver; Claude Bakurza, HHS assistant girls’ basketball coach; and Don Tyler, HHS assistant boys’ basketball coach.
* Authorized the support staff resignation of Shannon Wilson, Park School library; LeAnn Bond-Larson, Northern Arizona Vocational Institute of Technology bus driver; Alton Dickson, bus driver; Joy Briceland, computer services student technician; and Elvera Begay, IWES special needs assistant.
* Authorized the retirement of Leann Turley, HHS school secretary.
* Authorized the certified staff employment of Hoby Wilhelm, IWES sixth grade teacher; and David Jensen and Virginia Pond, substitute teachers.
* Authorized the certified staff resignation of Adrian Tubbs, HHS Rodeo Club sponsor; and Terry Larsen and Cloetta Keams, substitute teachers.
* Approved extra duty for Karen Estridge, Stephanie Bridegam, Cale Allen, Luis Alvarez, Marlena Day, Kimberly Dedman, Amanda Dine, Tim Eddings, Karen Estridge, Kara Gardner, Catrina Garner, Susan Hayden, John Paul Hunt, Ramona Joe, Marjorie Mendoza, Tammy Miles, Megan Murphy, Melody Myers, Suzanne Powell, Sandra Salabye, Barry Silverstein, Jennifer Smith, Andrea Speers, Debbie Wehrman, Heidi Weissner, Andrea Williams, Stacey Wilt and Theresa Yazzie, IWES after school tutoring; Julie Fields, HJHS game offi-cial and game help; Scott Baker, HJHS game official; Cornelia Hollins, IWES assistant boys’ basketball coach; Delmar Johnson, HHS assistant boys’ basketball coach; Nick Moyte, HHS assistant wrestling coach; Julie Fields, Professional Development Day; and Randy Hensley and Greg Perkins, wellness coordinators.
* Approved volunteers Roberto Alvarado, HHS wrestling; JoAnn Barela, HHS wrestlerettes; Lora Romo, HHS wrestlerettes; Markos Serna, HJHS wrestling; and Caleb Moorhead, HHS wrestling.
* Approved gifts and donations totaling $932.22.
* Authorized professional leave for Stephanie Bifano to attend the semi-annual meeting with the Navajo County Health Department and School Nurses held Oct. 3 in Taylor; Beth Baloo, Will Voelkerding, Lorie Whittemore, Frank Stacey, Caleb Moorhead, Ashley Mitchell and Janie Sandoval, National Science Teachers Association Conference, scheduled Dec. 6-8 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $3508.32, plus use of a district vehicle; and Janelle Chee, Renee Soto, and Melissa John, National Johnson-O’Malley Conference held Oct. 14-16 in Albuquerque, N.M., at an estimated cost of $,2047.77, plus use of a district vehicle.
Kathi Bloomfield, Office of English Language Acquisition Services Conference scheduled Dec. 12-14 in Tucson at an estimated cost of $737, plus use of a district vehicle; Donna Campbell, Safe and Supportive Schools Grant training held Oct. 26 in Phoenix; Donna Campbell, Lance Phaturos, Dan Nielson, Paul Demuth, Cindy Percy, JoAnn DeWitt, Cheryl Carlson, Dan Mitchell and Justin Madden, Leadership Core Team, and Positive Behavior and Interventions and Supports Team Retreat held Nov. 13 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $99, plus use of a district vehicle; and Amanda Remos, Julia Fairbanks, Melody Myers, Stacy Nowell and Karalyn Reidhead, Practical Applications for Children with Autism, held Oct. 26 in Holbrook at an estimated cost of $125.
Cindy Percy, American College Testing State Organization 2012 Annual Conference scheduled Nov. 30 in Tempe at an estimated cost of $157, plus use of a district vehicle; Julie Fields, Empowerment Scholarship Ac-counts Advisory Council held Oct. 22 in Snowflake at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Teri White, Arizona Department of Education Training for Enrollment and Placement Reports held Oct. 25 in Flagstaff at an estimated cost of $91; and Jeremy Hatch, Jeri McKinnon, Mike McClellan, Connie McPherson, Deb Koer-perich, Tanya Phaturos, Eldon Ferguson and Luis Alvarez, Beyond Textbooks Data Dig held Nov. 13 in Prescott at an estimated cost of $932, plus use of a district vehicle.
Jeremy Hatch, Arizona School Administrators Evaluator Training scheduled Nov. 19-20 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $671.34, plus use of a district vehicle; Faith Caffey, Erik Carlson, and Melissa Daniels, Na-tional Council of Teachers of English scheduled Nov. 15-18 in Las Vegas, Nev., at an estimated cost of $2,541.88, plus use of a district vehicle; Stacy Nowell, Autism Spectrum Disorders held Nov. 7-9 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $512; Charles Haussman, Career and Technical Education Local Directors Meeting held Nov. 8 in Prescott at an estimated cost of $326, plus use of a district vehicle; and Connie Gover, Karalyn Reid-head, Carey Kester, Stephanie Bridegam and Karen Estridge, Tucson, Assistive Technology Training scheduled Dec. 5-6 in Tucson at an estimated cost of $577.66, plus use of a district vehicle.
* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers totaling $610,535.78; and payroll and expense vouchers totaling $1,264,775.69.
* Approved fundraisers for HHS Swing Thing, Oct. 19-20, Dessert Buffet Show, with estimated earnings of $1,200; HHS Student Council, Dec. 15, Winter Formal ticket sales, with estimated earnings of $2,000; HHS Spiritline, Oct. 26, Youth Cheer Clinic and performance, with estimated earnings of $300; HHS Band, November-February hot chocolate and cinnamon roll sales before school one day each week, with estimated earnings of $900; and HHS cross country, Oct. 26, Navajo tacos, Navajo burgers, fry bread, Gatorade and water sales during cross country meet, with estimated earnings of $670.
HHS Class of 2014, Nov. 14-30, pre-selling Krispy Kreme Donuts, with estimated earnings of $450; HHS Class of 2014, Nov. 14-30, pre-sale of Holbrook Roadrunner apparel, with estimated earnings of $500; and HJHS Student Council, Nov. 17, sale of concessions during the HJHS volleyball tournament and a bake sale during the Holiday Showcase, with estimated earnings of $500.