Nov 262012

A group of former Winslow residents who now live in Phoenix and the surrounding areas gathered Oct. 27 at Beardsley Park in Sun City West for their 13th annual potluck event. It was a beautiful 88° day.
A crowd of 86 people attended, including Keith and Ann Jones, Harold and Charla Jo (Allen) Lee, Mary (Lacy) Beigel, Jim and Cindy Daniel, Richard Wright, Jacqui Allen Larsen, Randy and Bonnie Robinson, John and Betty Scott, Linda and Ivan Owsley, Marianne Pike, Bill and Lucy Horner, Rene Faucher, Marilyn Petracelli, Gail Weatherton, Johnny Hynes, Don and Ann Shear, Sue Crawley, Bill and Alice Kelly, John and Frida LaFever, John and Jeannie Grove, Richard Jaramillo, Jimmy and Linda Cox, Tim O’Neill, Bob and Sharon Howe, Kirk and Kathy Calkins, Dan and Beate Schmerfeld, Fred Rubi, A.D. Baslee, Elaine Greer, Al and Angela Schibi, Chuck and Patti Calkins, Sue Gale (Bolton) Campbell, Barbara Johson, Shirley Wiley, Marie Stein, Lawrence and Peggy (Simpson) Hudson, Dick Atkinson, Richard and Sharon Bushouse, Jim and LaRue Boyle, Jim and Corky Ferrel, Landis and Claudette Mitchell, Randy Neal, Lyndon McAdams, Diana (Fogleman) Shelton, Judy Emig and Mrs. Hopkins.

Photo courtesy of Bill and Lucy Horner
Johnny Hynes (left) visits with Ann and Keith Jones at the 13th annual reunion of former Winslow residents held this fall in Sun City West.

Photo courtesy of Bill and Lucy Horner
Betty and John Scott won the subscription to The Tribune-News awarded at the 13th annual reunion of former Winslow residents. Betty (center) is congratulated by event organizers Bill and Lucy Horner.