Nov 302012

By Sam Conner
Community Bridges, Inc. has a number of uniquely qualified behavior health technicians to help patients with a wide variety of problems. The person written about could be any one of a number of persons working with people needing special help such as is offered at Community Bridges throughout the state.
Carol Dawn, though, is a real peer support specialist with Community Bridges in Winslow who is an exceptional counselor. She applies some hard learned lessons of life to help those who come to her in need. She did not have an easy life before coming to Community Bridges and that is a gross understatement.
Community Bridges has many peer support specialists like Carol Dawn who are recognized and hired to help oth-ers recover from their ailments. She is only one of many peer support specialists helping those in need with similar problems from which they themselves recovered. To become peer support specialists, they must have lived for a year in sobriety from drugs or alcohol, or whatever their problem was.
Carol Dawn attended public schools in Winslow and graduated from Winslow High School, but remembers her school days with mixed feelings. She was born with a handicap about which other students teased her mercilessly. She sought to find a way to fit into a group and rebelled to seek attention. She began using alcohol and drugs in junior high school, and continued for years, even to the point of selling drugs. She wound up being sentenced to prison for 10 years. Ironically, it was in prison that she changed for the better and prepared for her future career.
After high school she had enjoyed some success working for a governmental agency and for a car dealership. She had learned that she was intelligent and able to relate to people, but still had a rebellion problem before she was con-victed and sentenced.
She said it was then and there that she found her worth and her purpose. Most important, she found God and real-ized that He had a purpose for her. She found that she could counsel other inmates and that she had a talent for helping others with their problems. She studied counseling through courses available to her there. She was preparing to use her gift for counseling and using it to help people she was in contact with there.
Community Bridges hired her, and she has proven to be a very efficient and successful employee. The number of clients seen and helped in the area where she works has grown steadily and dramatically since she came there. She has had and gained control of many of the problems those who come to the facility suffer from. She says that “One of the reasons God has us go through problems is to prepare us to help others.”
Asked what is most satisfying about her job at Community Bridges, Dawn said, “Actually being able to help someone else get past their problems and transform into what God wanted them to be.” She reiterated that such was, in her opinion, the reason she had gone through her problems.
She has continued to study and become better qualified to help people with a wide variety of problems. She is available to counsel and treat persons with alcohol and drug addictions, as well as problems with depression. She is an excellent person for treating such ailments, as she has experienced many of them herself.
Winslow is lucky to have a person of Carol Dawn’s talent and experience to work with some of its most needy residents and get them on the path to recovery.
Anyone experiencing problems which could be helped with some understanding and advice from someone who has helped more than her share of people before would be well advised to contact Community Bridges and get help from someone like Carol Dawn. She is available at Community Bridges, and if she is not in your town, there is someone like her there.
You can reach Community Bridges in Winslow at (928) 289-3151.