Dec 052012

By Naomi Hatch
A proposal to assess the Snowflake Swimming Pool and provide the scope of work and cost of long needed repairs was accepted last week by the town council.
After research on the Internet and phone calls to recreation and parks departments in the Valley with the purpose of finding someone within the state of Arizona that could evaluate the pool, Recreation and Parks Di-rector Don Camacho reported to the town council Nov. 27 that Aquatic Concepts had two representatives and one representative from C3 Construction that would evaluate the swimming pool for $900.
Camacho said that they would “do a full assessment on the swimming pool and building. They would come up with a scope of work and the cost to do that work.” He went on to say that with all the years of experience Aquatic Concepts has, he felt the firm could determine what work is needed without taking core samples.
TRK proposed performing a comprehensive facility assessment at a cost of $4,144.50. The firm would take core samples of the roof, provide descriptions of conditions, cost of repairs, and life cycle of the facility, including future capital equipment replacement and maintenance, and make recommendations. The cost of swimming pool equipment would be provided by others, Camacho explained.
He also talked to representatives of Southwest Roofing Consultants, who said they would take core samples of the roof and provide an evaluation, but were not able to evaluate the swimming pool.
Mayor Kelly Willis said that the council had visited the pool, and he felt they would like to have an itemized cost rather than a bottom line price.
After a brief discussion, Councilman Chris Brimhall moved to accept Aquatic Concepts’ proposal with at least one core sample of the roof and with the cost not to exceed $1,300. The motion passed unanimously.