Dec 052012

By Nick Worth
Holbrook is soon to be home to one of the largest Maverik stores in the state of Arizona, according to Paul Heywood, construction manager for the Maverik Company.
The Utah-based company, privately owned by the Call family, currently has 18 stores in cities throughout Arizona. The new store now being built in the 1300 block of Navajo Blvd. and another one coming soon to Flagstaff, will bring the total to 20 early next year.
According to Heywood, the Holbrook Maverik store will be 4,600 square feet in inside area, making it larger than the Winslow store and the same size as the newly opened store in Kingman. Heywood said when the parking lot and the entire outside area are figured into the equation, the Holbrook store will be the largest in the state.
The big construction project necessitates leveling the entire hill at the corner of Crestview Road and Navajo Blvd.
In addition to the 20 gasoline and eight diesel pumps for automobiles, pickups and non-commercial users, the Holbrook store will also have a separate diesel canopy with high-flow pumps to service four tractor-trailer trucks at once. Three 12,000-gallon fuel tanks will service the gasoline pumps, and two 15,000-gallon tanks will hold diesel for the high-flow and non-commercial diesel pumps. All the tanks will be underground.
There will be an entrance off of Crestview Road for both cars and semi-trucks, and a special exit from the high-flow diesel fueling area onto Navajo Blvd. There will also be an entrance/exit on Navajo Blvd. for smaller vehicles.
The building itself will be the main draw. Heywood said it would be made of stucco and rock construction. “The majority of the expense is going into the building,” said Heywood. “There will be murals all around the inside and a beer cave in the corner.”
He said the store would have the full range of products for which Maverik stores are becoming known. “We’ll have every product you can imagine,” Heywood said. He said the store would bake its own bread fresh daily and will have break-fast meals for sale.
There will be free air for tires available, as well as a Red Box video rental machine in front of the store and two picnic pavilions located outside, next to the store.
Heywood noted that the Maverik Company is one of the last five American companies that exclusively use American oil products.
The store is set to open in the last week of March 2013.