Dec 052012

By Naomi Hatch
The Snowflake Town Council agreed last week to recommend approval of a liquor license for the Chevron station and convenience store located at 379 S. Main St.
Howard Magee, owner of the station and store, attended the Nov. 27 council meeting to request the license.
During a public hearing it was noted that the three previous owners had liquor licenses for beer and wine, and because he had recently purchased the convenience store, the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control required him to re-apply.
Magee said he will have no hard liquor in the store and requesting the liquor license in order to “be in the convenience store business, and that is providing what the people want to buy.”
Lowry Flake told how recently he was impacted by irresponsible drinking, stating, “A close neighbor did not drink responsibly… in fact, in the course of his drinking, endangered other people.”
Flake said he would like to know what the manager would do if faced with selling liquor to someone who would not drink responsibly, asking, “What does this establishment plan to do to protect the community against those that don’t drink responsibly?”
“Once that beer leaves the property, we cannot force them to drink properly, that’s the choice they make,” said Magee, noting if that person is intoxicated, they take the legal responsibility and thus deny the sale of alcohol and call the proper authorities.
“I think we have to realize, too, that there are many establishments in the Town of Snowflake that have a liquor license,” said Mayor Kelly Willis. “Even though your questions are really good questions, you have to understand that we cannot give one a liquor license and not another one,” said the mayor. “Since this establishment has been in our town quite a long time and is changing ownership, I feel as a community and as a council that we’re obligated to move forward with this.”
A motion to close the public hearing passed unanimously.
In the regular meeting, a motion to recommend approval for the liquor license for Chevron passed unanimously.