Dec 052012

By Naomi Hatch
“While in executive session, council received advice and information of bankruptcy from the attorney on the work they have done with the resolution last time we were in session,” said Snowflake Mayor Kelly Willis fol-lowing an 85-minute executive session Nov. 27 regarding a resolution that the town would seek to buy or condemn the Apache Railway to keep Catalyst Paper from selling it for salvage.
“From a very young age I was taught that the path of council is the path of safety. We have been counseled in the strongest terms possible to get out of debt,” said Lowry Flake who then asked for a show of hands of how many are out of debt.
“I think that counsel is good for the city, as well as individuals, and therefore I would like to counsel in the strongest terms possible that the town of Snowflake get out of debt as soon as possible,” he said noting that if it is not by Jan. 1, 2013, it should be no later than Jan. 1, 2014.
“Certainly the Town of Snowflake should not buy a railroad under any circumstances,” he said, noting it should be purchased by investors.