Dec 072012

By Nick Worth
The Pioneer Forest Products wood products mill set to be built in Winslow is slated to begin construction sometime early in 2013, according to Herman Hauck, CEO of Pioneer Associates.
“We’re still working on the funding and it will be sometime in the first quarter of next year, as far as starting on the project,” said Hauck. “We’re working hard to try to make it happen.”
According to Hauck, the price tag for the Winslow mill project will run about $230 million.
Hauck said Dura Bilt Products, Inc. of Albuquerque, N.M., has been working with him on the Winslow mill project.
“They’re doing the architectural work and will be doing the building work,” said Hauck. “We’ve been working on it with Dura Bilt for two years.”
Hauck said hiring at the plant would be an ongoing process once the construction starts.
“There will be a number of job opportunities, because as equipment gets installed we’ll need help,” Hauck said. He said it would take from nine to 10 months to get the equipment in and the buildings built.
“So we will slowly add people as we go along until we get up to 500 to 600 people,” Hauck said.
In an Oct. 24 article in The Tribune-News, Mike Cooley of Pioneer Forest Products said the construction of the Winslow mill would provide approximately 200 jobs and an associated biomass project would provide approximately 20 to 30 more.
Cooley said the logging part of the operation is expected to provide another 60 jobs within two to 2½ years, and that the sawmill will ultimately provide work for 245 people.
Cooley said the total operation would hire around 500 without the sawmill.
According to Hauck, with all the ancillary jobs such as the trucking and logging jobs figured in, the project will provide work for approximately 900 people.