Dec 142012

By Linda Kor
The Navajo County Board of Supervisors gave their stamp of approval to a change in rate fees for some of the services provided by the county. According to Clerk of the Board Melissa Buckley, a comparison was made to the fee schedules of other counties in the state, and meetings with department heads and administrators determined the changes.
County Manager Jimmy Jayne noted that the changes were not being made in order to increase revenue, but rather as a way of unifying charges, which in some cases carried a broad range of fees for the same service depending upon which department received the request.
For example, the previous cost for an 8½”x11” public records document or a document requested from the Board of Supervisors or the Finance Department was 25 cents per page, while the same request to Elections Department or the Treasurer’s Office was filled for $1 per page. The Assessor’s Office charged from $1 to $1.50, and even higher was a copy from Public Works at $1 to $2 for a double-sided copy, with larger pages of 11”x17” costing up to $5 per copy for a double-sided page. The Sheriff’s Office had a completely different system at $6 for a report up to 15 pages, with each page after that costing 25 cents.
With the fee schedule change, all departments will now charge 50 cents per page for an 8½”x11”, 8½”x14” or 11”x17” document either single or double-sided, with color copies offered at $1 per page.
Other changes include a fax fee of $1, which previously ranged from being free to up to $2, depending on the department. A $2 charge for notary public services for non-county business documents was also added that was previously free of charge.
The cost of 8½”x11” school district maps went from $1.50 to $2. The cost for maps from the Public Works and Assessors Office will remain the same except for an increase of $1 per map if they are in color. The charge for maps per square foot will remain the same, with $1 added for color.
All other costs in each department will remain the same as statutorily required and as deemed appropriate by internal policies.