Dec 142012

By Sam Conner
City Engineer Mark Woodson spoke to the Winslow City Council Tuesday evening regarding the physical map re-vision technical study workbook on the flood plain, which has been accepted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). As a result of the action, city property owners may have an opportunity to request an examination of their current flood insurance requirement rates.
FEMA has indicated that in terms of approval of new maps, they could be adopted within two to three years. Currently, they do not have the funding to revise maps of the Winslow area.
During the transition period until the map revisions are done, the flood insurance requirements will be based upon the maps adopted on Sept. 18, 2008. Once the new maps are adopted, those properties that remain in Zone A will con-tinue to pay insurance rates similar to those currently in effect. Property owners who are redesigned as being in Zone X will not be required to carry flood insurance unless required by their mortgage holder. The rates in these cases will likely be lowered considerably.
The city cannot guarantee the location of the flood plain boundaries as submitted, as there is a possibility of appeals and FEMA may not follow the flood plain delineation as submitted.
The information submitted to FEMA can be used on the basis of community determined base flood elevations, providing that the insurance industry accepts the maps.
Woodson said that the city would continue to work on the problem and put pressure on FEMA to hasten the process.