Dec 142012

By Julie Wiessner
Ben Matson and Lee Davis of Midstate Energy attended the Holbrook School District Governing Board meeting Tuesday evening to explain some of the technicalities of the proposed partnership with the district.
Midstate is a company that provides equipment and products for monitoring heating, cooling and lighting. When in place, the proposed system would monitor the energy efficiency of every building used by the district from a control panel. The lighting would be installed first, and provide immediate savings in decreased electric bills. This decrease in electric bills would eventually help pay for the rest of the computer monitored, state-of-the-art, heating, cooling and lighting equipment.
Matson noted that an in-depth evaluation of the district has already been conducted, including “lighting level measurements from every desk,” as well as temperature checks and air flow readings.
Board member Ferral Knight inquired, “What are the benefits to students?”
Matson responded, “When students are at an optimal temperature, not too hot nor too cold, they are better able to focus on what it is they are there to accomplish.”
This company provides performance contracts that include the clause that if the energy-savings don’t hap-pen, Midstate Energy will pay the difference, not the district.
Control panels would indicate if there was a problem in any of the districts schools. For instance, if Indian Wells Elementary School needed a light replaced, it would show up on the control panel, and the necessary bulb would be taken out to IWES and replaced in one trip.
Currently, if a light bulb is needed, a trip must be made to Indian Wells to determine which bulb is needed, then the worker travels back to Holbrook to collect the appropriate bulb, and returns to IWES to replace that bulb.
Also, all light bulbs would be uniform; there would only need to be one type of bulb in stock for the district.
The final cost for this system cannot be determined until the contract is available for signature, but the estimated project cost is around $1,435,000.
In other action Dec. 11, the board:
* Heard a presentation and discussed the use of the proceeds of the district’s maintenance and operations override.
These funds are used to keep class sizes small, keep salaries competitive, cover music and physical education, support extracurricular activities, help support staff, for teacher retention and to keep advanced classes.
Though the present override has a seven-year life, voters will be asked to renew it in November 2013, when it is in its fifth year, in order to keep the full funding. A secondary tax rate of $2.23 per $100 of assessed valuation produced a budget override of $1,121,518 for the district’s use.
* Adopted the Stop Sequestration Resolution, which will be sent to members of Congress to encourage the abolishment of sequestration.
On Jan. 2, Congress is scheduled to begin sequestering funds to federally funded programs in an attempt to reduce the federal deficit. This would have a dramatic effect on the district because of its reliance on federal funding, including Impact Aid, Titles I, II and III, IDEA Special Education and several other federally funded programs that would be subject to the sequestration.
* Approved Holbrook Junior High School Assistant Principal Jeremy Hatch as a qualified evaluator of teachers.
* Approved applying for Erate Grant funding from the federal government’s Universal Service Administrative Company.
The district’s application would seek reimbursement for all Internet and telephone service, as well as funding for technology infrastructure upgrades at all schools, including upgrades for the servers and other neces-sary items. The grant would require the district to pay a portion of the costs based on the poverty rates at each school where work is performed.
* Approved a payment of $9,500 to the City of Holbrook to share the cost of replacement of the softball fence at Hunt Park.
The district partners with the city to use the field for junior varsity games.
The city will procure the bids and oversee the replacement of the fence.
* Held the final reading and approved a revision to the district’s policy on student wellness.
* Approved revisions to the district’s fiscal year 2013 budget.
* Approved hiring Judy Saiz as a special needs assistant at Indian Wells Elementary School and as a bus driver; Jessica Lano, Indian Wells bus monitor; Gishie Arviso, Holbrook Junior High School assistant boys’ basketball coach; Rachel Benally, bus driver; Joyce Lindsey, bus driver and grounds custodian transfer to 12-month; and Tina Castillo, substitute teacher.
* Approved the retirement of Carolee DeWitt as a bus driver.
* Approved extra duty for Cary Simpson as HJHS head boys’ basketball coach; Chris Obren, HJHS head girls’ basketball coach; Keith Wheeler, HJHS assistant girls’ basketball coach; Sarah Meeks and Kathi Bloomfield, HJHS game help; Virginia White, HJHS Intervention Assistance Team (IAT); and Karen Estridge and Suzanne Powell, IWES IAT.
* Approved donations of a Vivitar DVR, a solar educational kit, an MP3 Touch and a gift card with a total value of $270.63 from Tony White Sr. to the HJHS Learning Center.
* Approved professional leave for Robbie Koerperich to attend the Title I Mega Conference held Nov. 15 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $394; Robbie Koerperich and Ann Gardner, SLO Training and Dr. Stronge evaluation held Nov. 20 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $668; Julie Fields, MEGA Conference held Nov. 14-16 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $1,011.83; and Sunny Obren, menu planning scheduled Dec. 11 and 12 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $168.57 plus use of a district vehicle.
Audrey Morris, 2012 Children’s Obesity Conference held Dec. 6 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $332 plus use of a district vehicle; Julie Foree, Shannon Knight and Lance Phaturos, Assessment Technology train-ing held Nov. 30 and Dec. 7 in Winslow at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Karalyn Reidhead, TLC Assistive Technology training held Dec. 5 and 6 in Tucson at an estimated cost of $661.83; and Carey Kester and Stephanie Bridegam, NCSC Math Instructional Supports roll out scheduled on Dec. 17 in Navajo County at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle.
Beth Baloo, Galileo Writing held Nov. 29 in Winslow at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Judy Jones and Sally O’Dell, Infinite Visions User Group meeting held Dec. 10 in Snowflake at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; and Daniel Orton, Navajo Area Junior High League meeting held Dec. 7 in Winslow at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle.
Julie Fields, ESA Committee meeting held Dec. 3 in Snowflake at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; Alfred Clark, First Things First held Dec. 11 in Window Rock at an estimated cost of use of a district vehicle; LouAnn McLaws and John McDaniel, Focusing on Algebra series, scheduled Jan. 17, Feb. 28 and March 25 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $1,476 plus use of a district vehicle; and Tanya Phaturos, Jeremy Hatch, Nichole Lozano and Erin Cuniffe, PBIS training scheduled Jan. 17 and 18 in Tempe at an estimated cost of $1,504.36 plus use of a district vehicle.
* Accepted written reports from the principals of the district’s schools.
* Approved expense and revolving fun vouchers totaling $345,595.22.
* Approved payroll and expense vouchers totaling $1,771,995.33.
* Approved accounting summaries for extracurricular activities fees tax credit, auxiliary operations and student activities.
* Approved two fundraisers, including face painting during all home basketball games, November through February, requested by the Holbrook High School Student Council, with estimated earnings of $300; and a Jan. 15 Navajo taco sale requested by the HHS Class of 2015, with estimated earnings of $220.