Dec 142012

By Sam Conner
Winslow City Manager Jim Ferguson reported to the city council Tuesday regarding concerns following the deaths of two persons in two separate incidents who had been run over and killed by tractor-trailer trucks in the former Pilot parking lot on North Park Drive.
The first incident occurred on Oct. 17 when a woman and a man were run over by a truck in the dimly lit parking lot. The woman died and the man sustained substantial damage to his legs. The second incident occurred Dec. 5 when the body of Johnny Frank Jr., 48, was found in the same parking lot, and it was determined that he also was run over by a tractor-trailer. The police department made the determination to barricade the lot as a temporary solution in order to avoid further incidents. This situation became an issue during the call to the public.
Kyle Johnson, owner of Captain Tony’s Pizza Parlor, said that his business has been severely damaged by the situation and that a solution needs to be found. He said that there are many closed businesses in the area, leaving visitors with closed businesses as their first impression of Winslow.
Tom McCauley noted that enforcement is a key, and that the city must be protective of its businesses.
Marie LaMarr said that there seem to be fewer and fewer arrests reported, and that the survival of the city is at stake. She later said that there needs to be legislative action on the problem.
Judy Howell also spoke on this problem, as well as the lack of city Christmas decorations and problems at the ani-mal shelter.
Ken Evans spoke about the totem pole needing protection and other issues.
The council approved four engineering agreements with Woodson Engineering. During discussion regarding addi-tional capital improvement projects for fiscal year 2013, one of the agreements was changed.
The council approved level B project services agreements with Woodson Engineering for design of Bales Avenue improvements, design of neighborhood phase four improvements, design of Mikes Pike East street infrastructure improvements, and for the corridor study and design of Fleming Street infrastructure improvements. Following discussion regarding funding of additional one percent capital improvement projects in fiscal year 2013, a motion was passed to focus on improvements on Fleming Street by installing a sidewalk north of that street at least to the cemetery. The Bales Avenue project was replaced by the focus on Fleming Street.
The council awarded a $352,600.40 contract to McCauley Construction Company and approved payment for well equipping and site improvement, and authorized the city manager to approve change orders in the amount of 10 percent of the bid amount.
Randy Prichard and Alex Monsegur were reappointed to the Planning and Zoning Commission.
An ordinance was adopted amending the ordinance on the schedule of rates, fees and charges to increase the solid waste collection fee by 2.52 percent or 64 cents per month for most customers.
In other city staff reports, Allen Rosenbaum advised the council that the animal control facility is being heated and the roof repaired. He said that about 15 pet owners had taken advantage of the spaying and neutering grant.
Mayor Robin Boyd recognized graduates of the 2012 Leadership Academy.
Tess Kenna praised the program as very informative and worthwhile, saying that she wished more had attended.
The consent calendar was adopted, which approved the check register and minutes of the Nov. 27 council meeting.
An item regarding revisions to the city manager’s SmartWorks contract was removed from the agenda.