Dec 142012

By Naomi Hatch
Each year the Taylor Municipal Airport is eligible for an entitlement grant of $150,000 to be used on capital improvement projects at the airport, Airport Administrator Jeff Johnson advised the town council Dec. 5. He noted that funds can roll over from year to year up to a maximum of four years before they expire. Currently they have $450,000 available for projects.
The application must be submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by Dec. 31 of each year, and Johnson requested council approval for projects that had been prioritized by the Airport Committee.
Johnson then presented the 2013 projects, which include acquiring land to protect the runway protection zone, and installing a fence around the airport to keep animals out.
The FFA has decreased the amount it will pay on projects from 95 percent to 91.06 percent, thus increasing Taylor’s cost for the project. The State of Arizona and the town will split the remaining 8.94 percent of the cost, which nearly doubles the previous amounts required.
There was no appraisal of the land, but a figure of $43,000 to cover the cost of FAA administrative requirements to receive the funds was listed. The council was advised that after the property is appraised, if the property owner accepts the appraisal, it would come before the council for final approval.
Three options were outlined for the fence project, including $520,000 using animal control fencing completely, with Taylor’s share set at $23,244; $710,000 using chain link fencing, with Taylor’s share set at $31,737; and $590,000 using both types of fencing, with chain link by the airport entrance and along Willow, then animal control fencing for the rest of the project, with Taylor’s share set at $26,373.
Johnson was seeking a decision on the type of fencing the council would prefer. Council members agreed that they would like a bid on each of the types, and would make a decision when they know the cost and what is available in the budget.
John Morison of Morison-Maierle, airport consultants, was on hand to answer questions.
Town Attorney Sterling Solomon explained that the motion to move forward with the fencing project and with the appraisal was needed in order to get approval from FAA.
After a brief discussion, Councilman Alan Ramage moved to approve the project application for the airport capital improvement projects. The motion passed unanimously.
In other business, the council held the second reading and approved Ordinance 2012-01, establishing licensing time frames in compliance with state law and fixing the effective date immediately.
Solomon explained, “This ordinance basically is a request under state law SB1598…the law touches on many things, such as mining and aggregate, and was incorporated into Arizona Revised Statutes where it talks about government agencies being required to meet certain time frames.” He further explained that the town can set the time frames, which was done by Johnson in Exhibit A and given to council members.
The council unanimously approved the ordinance, making the effective date Dec. 5, 2012.