Dec 282012

By Julie Weissner
It has been about six years since Pacific Holt bought land in the Perkins Valley area west of Holbrook, and it looks as though the company is going forward with plans for housing developments in that area. The final plat for the project was submitted to the Navajo County Planning and Zoning Commission, which is expected to review it by March at the latest.
If the commission and the Navajo County Board of Supervisors approve the plan, Pacific Holt would begin putting in roads and utilities as the starting point of building the housing subdivision’s infrastructure.
“These are two separate projects that hold a common boundary, and Pacific Holt is on Phase I of the final plat stage,” said Navajo County Planning and Zoning Manager Trent Larson. “Because this is Phase I of the final plat stage, it still may need revisions and could be kicked back to Pacific Holt for further changes.”
If it is approved, Pacific Holt could begin infrastructure construction early in 2013.
Pacific Holt purchased property in Perkins Valley in 2006. In October of that year, Pacific Holt received approval of a zone change and a master development site plan from Navajo County. Company officials initially stated that they planned to develop 265 home sites in Perkins Valley, which lies outside the Holbrook city limits.
The final plat was also given to the City of Holbrook as a courtesy for city council review. City Manager Ray Alley stated, “Pacific Holt will not be hooking up to the city’s existing infrastructure; it looks like they will have their own systems for water, sewer and electricity.”
Mark Herman, project manager for Pacific Holt, was not available for comment at press time.