Jan 092013

By Linda Kor
Five seats on the Navajo County Fair Board were filled during the annual meeting Jan. 3 and two new board members were welcomed, including Winslow City Councilman Marshall Losey and Tim Kelley of Holbrook, a former board member. Three members of the board were re-elected, including Mike Sample, Valerie Slade and Redgie Justman. There were a total of eight people vying for the positions, with approximately 50 county residents participating in the vote.
Following the annual meeting, the board selected officers for the year. Sample was re-elected as president, Jimmy Crosby was named vice president, Melissa Buckley, secretary, and Leah Thomas, treasurer.
During the nomination process, board member Rusty DeSpain questioned whether Crosby was eligible to serve as an officer since he lives in Apache County.
Sample stated that as long as Crosby was on the board for more than a year, he was eligible.
In a split vote, the board recently agreed to allow Crosby to remain on the board due to ambiguous wording in the by-laws regarding current residency status. Those by-laws have since been clarified.
The new board members replace Dale Rogers and Kelly Favro, neither of whom sought to remain on the board. Favro served on the board for 15 years and in that time was in charge of both the Little Buckaroo and Ranch rodeos.

Photo by Linda Kor
The 2013 Navajo County Fair Board includes (front row, left to right) Valerie Slade, Jake Hatch, Melissa Buckley, (back row) Mike Sample, Marshall Losey, Redgie Justman, Rusty DeSpain, Leah Thomas, Trent Larson, Jimmy Crosby, Tim Kelley, (not pictured) Sara Hansen, Terry Nelson, Susan Henning-Shaw and Wes DeSpain.