Jan 092013

Several members of the Holbrook School District Governing Board received recognition at the 2012 Arizona School Boards Association Awards Ceremony.
Linda Yazzie received the All-Arizona School Board Award. She was chosen as a Top 5 school board award winner from among all school board members in the state. The five individuals chosen to receive the All-Arizona School Board Awards come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, but they all have one thing in common–exemplary board service. Each understands the challenges that face education and each is willing to make personal sacrifices in the service of young people.
Yazzie has served on the Holbrook School Board for 21 consecutive years and is working on her 22nd year. She serves on the Native American/Hispanic Caucus, is the Navajo County ASBA director and currently serves as president of the Holbrook School Board. She has been instrumental in the success of the district.
Yazzie was nominated for the award by her fellow board members and the district superintendent.
Cluster awards are given to board members who, after attaining the level of Master of Boardsmanship, continued to develop their boardsmanship skills with additional hours of training. Yazzie received her fifth cluster, and Ferral Knight and Rosie Sekayumptewa received their second cluster.
Olivia Jaquez and Rick Nichols were given cluster awards at the ASBA Navajo County workshop.
At last year’s conference, the Holbrook School Board was awarded the Total Board Award by the ASBA.

Photo courtesy of the Holbrook School District
Members of the Holbrook School District Governing Board were recently honored by the Arizona School Boards Association. The board includes (front row, left to right) Olivia Jaquez, Rosie Seka-yumptewa, Linda Yazzie, (back row) Ferral Knight and Rick Nichols.