Jan 112013

By Sam Conner
A resolution was adopted by the Winslow City Council Tuesday evening calling for a special election to extend the two percent transaction privilege tax on gross income from restaurants and bars for another five years. It was noted that this tax averages $200,000 per year for the city. The special election will be held on May 21.
An ordinance authorizing the city to sell the old Two Stars Cafe building to Tom McCauley for $30,000, the appraised value, was also adopted.
McCauley advised the council that he had been interested in the site for five years, and saw it being used as a gift shop, a gallery for local artists and a sidewalk cafe, although developing slowly.
A public hearing was held on the proposed annexation of three acres of land on which public water tanks are located. No public comment was offered. An ordinance was adopted annexing that land.
The council approved a letter of support for a Chereskov telescope array observatory near Meteor Crater. This is an international project with sites in Spain, Mexico and elsewhere also in competition for the location, which is seen as potentially very beneficial to Winslow.
Five people spoke during the call to the public, mostly on problems with a road closed by the railroad, a person who froze to death in an unheated home and why people who work in Winslow do not live here.
Council members also spoke about a problem of increased panhandling near Safeway, the Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision on location of a medical marijuana facility and the city employees’ Christmas party.
Retiring Street Superintendent Gabe Martinez was recognized and presented with retirement gifts.
Reports were given by City Manager Jim Ferguson and his designees on city activities, as well as by Finance Director Regina Reffner.
The consent calendar included approvals of the check register and minutes of the Dec. 11 council meeting.