Jan 112013

By Linda Kor
Most of us know that a gold ring, especially one with diamonds, carries some value. That’s apparently what someone realized when they discovered such a ring in the women’s restroom at Denny’s Restaurant at the Flying J Travel Plaza in Winslow. What couldn’t be seen is how that ring came to be there or its true value to the person who inadvertently left it.
Jenny Kieser is a Prescott resident who had the opportunity to enjoy the holidays with her granddaughter, Amanda Pike, and two great-grandsons who traveled to Prescott from Fort Campbell, Ky. The holidays held special meaning this year for Kieser, who suffered a heart attack over the Thanksgiving holiday. Concerns with her health underscore the desire for closeness of family.
Pike’s husband John is a Specialist with the Army 101st Airborne Division and was recently deployed to Afghanistan, where he serves as a helicopter side-gunner. For her this holiday season also had special mean-ing, it was the first she would spend without her husband, and the first their two boys, ages 6 and 8, would not have their father with them to share in their excitement.
Uncertain of what the future would hold, Kieser made the decision to give her granddaughter something during her visit. It was a ring she purchased for herself long ago, one she saved a long time to buy and loved dearly. The ring, a gold band with seven to eight diamonds all the same size across the front, slightly raised towards the center, was to be a symbolic gift.
“Amanda lived with me for awhile growing up. The ring meant a lot to me, but Amanda means so much more. It was something I could give her that symbolized how much I love her,” explained Kieser tearfully.
Kieser’s sadness stems from an incident that occurred at the restaurant on Jan. 3. While traveling back to Kentucky, Pike and her sons stopped at Denny’s for a meal around 10 a.m. She took the ring off of her finger to wash her hands before leaving the restaurant. It wasn’t until she had traveled all the way to New Mexico that she realized the ring was no longer on her finger.
“I thought there had been an accident, that someone had been hurt. She called me and was just hysterical. It meant so much to her,” stated Kieser, adding that a call to the restaurant confirmed that the ring was no longer on the sink and that no one had turned it in.
“This has just broken her heart. If someone has seen it, if someone could return it, it’s the only one I have to give her,” said Kieser. She hopes that whoever has the ring will find it in their heart to return it to her family.
With her granddaughter upset, her grandson serving his country in Afghanistan and her health declining, the Prescott woman is hopeful that the return of the ring could bring her family some much needed happiness.
If the ring has been found, it may be left at the Winslow Police Department, located at 708 W. Third St., or sent to The Tribune News, P.O. Box 670, Holbrook, Ariz. 86025. It will then be forwarded to the Kieser family.