Jan 162013

By Naomi Hatch
Taylor Town Manager Eric Duthie tendered his resignation at the Jan. 9 council meeting, asking the coun-cil to accept it effective Feb. 6.
Prior to that, the council held a lengthy discussion on employee increases. Councilman Gary Solomon expressed concern that they did not know the salaries of individual employees.
When Duthie said he would not take the pay increase, Solomon responded, “I’m for that!”
Upon conclusion of the discussion, the council voted 5-2 to give full-time employees a salary increase and set a meeting for Tuesday, Jan. 15, to discuss salary increases for part-time employees. Solomon and Councilman Shawn Palmer voted against the motion.
“I appreciate the council looking at the betterment of the employees,” Duthie said. “My concern was that including everybody immediately might not pass.”
Duthie has served as town manager since 2007, guiding the town through the financial downturn, and having to make some difficult management decisions in the process.
“I am grateful for the overwhelming support I have had from all who shared the idea of making Taylor a more progressive and successful community while facing some of the most difficult challenges in Taylor history. I am grateful for their faith, as we positioned Taylor for growth and prosperity. I hold great hopes that future town leaders will continue to follow the pattern of progress and improvement we established,” Duthie noted in his letter of resignation.
He has accepted a position with Berkley Risk, the liability insurance provider to more than 70 Arizona cities and towns, including Taylor, as well as many other agencies throughout the nation.
Duthie said there were several options available and noted that he would be happy to work with the coun-cil to set up the planning process for transition. This will be an item on the Jan. 15 agenda.

Eric Duthie