Jan 162013

By Linda Kor
The Holbrook Chamber of Commerce added two new board members at the Jan. 9 meeting to finish out terms that will be up for election in June. Those added were Chris Olthouse and Jeff Johnson, pastor of Peace Lutheran Church. Olthouse has been a long-time volunteer with the chamber, assisting in most all of the events hosted by the chamber, and Johnson has been active with the community since arriving here nearly a year ago. The two men replaced Teri Tafoya and Kyle Gardner, who were unable to keep up their roles in the chamber due to the demands of the their jobs.
In addition to adding two members, the board will be seeking a replacement for Chamber Director Teri Walker, who announced that she would be leaving the position for personal reasons. She will also be leaving her position with the City of Holbrook as the Community Tourism and Special Events coordinator. The mem-bers present at the Tuesday meeting each expressed their gratitude to Walker for her exceptional work with the chamber and her level of professionalism.
“What Teri really brought to our attention is that this is really a two-person job. Moving the office to the city was a big eye-opener. Hopefully, we will be able to fill Teri’s position, then add someone else for office help,” stated President Yvonne Larson.
Vice President Steven Gallegos expressed his concern over a “quick fix,” adding that he has observed some of the challenges of the position and how Walker had organized things so well. “It concerns me that we might backslide if the right person isn’t put in the position,” he said.
Larson noted that filling the position is ultimately the city’s decision, but that she will be part of that hiring process.
In other business, it was reported that the chamber is gearing up for its role in the 55th Hasknife Posse Pony Express Ride. Each year the chamber works with the Elks Lodge to organize a dinner to benefit the posse the night before the ride. This year the dinner will be held on Jan. 29. Changes include a menu of pulled pork and a live auction that will include only a small number of high value items.
“We don’t want to take away from the awards presentation with a lengthy auction, but we will have a few quality items available,” explained Walker.
Tickets are now available at the Visitors Center located in the historic courthouse and from Hashknife Posse members at a cost of $13 each.