Jan 252013

By Greg Perkins
Holbrook wrestlers won two of three team duals in Heber last Thursday with 60-16 victories over both Mogollon and Joseph City, and a 36-46 loss to St. Johns.
Individually against Joseph City Holbrook won just three of the seven contested matches, but they collected seven forfeit wins for having a full roster.
Their match with the Mustangs was similar, with each team winning four of the eight contested matches. Holbrook received six forfeit wins against Mogollon.
Against St. Johns both teams had wrestlers in each of the 14 weight classes. Holbrook won six of those con-tests and dropped eight.
On the day, including forfeit wins, Sam Plumb went 2-1; Theron Johns, 2-1; Levi McClellan, 2-1; Caleb McClellan, 1-2; James Ramirez, 2-1; Michael McMonigal, 1-2; Jedde Bowman, 2-1; Joseph Herrera, 1-2; Clay-ton Hunt, 2-1; Kevin Self, 2-1; Nikko Ferniza, 2-1; Shem Bowman, 3-0; CJ Plumb, 3-0; and Angel Aguilera, 1-2.