Feb 042013

By Naomi Hatch
The Snowflake Town Council approved a contract for design services related to a project by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) to extend the reinforced concrete box culvert located to the north of Flake Street in Snowflake within the State Route 77 right-of-way.
At the Jan. 22 council meeting, Town Engineer Rob Emmet explained that the box culvert conveys flow from the west both north and south of Red Hill, and the purpose of the extension will be to provide for future highway widening and to protect the downstream end of the culvert from erosion.
Emmett noted that due to improvements to the waterline planned by the town, this will require relocation and because of ADOT’s prior rights, the cost for the relocation must be assumed by the town. A professional services contract with Tetra Tech for the waterline relocation design is estimated to cost $6,885, and was unanimously approved by the council.
In other business, Finance Director Brian Richards requested approval of the town credit card policy, which will facilitate better control over local purchases. He explained that employees will no longer sign for purchases; they will use a credit card that has been issued to them.
“Right now we have open accounts at various vendors and, in essence, anyone with the town can go in and purchase,” said Town Manager Paul Watson. From an accountability standpoint, Watson said he felt this would give better documentation and reduce time spent figuring out who signed for invoices.
The council approved a contract for technology services with Computer Technologies, LLC, with Councilman Stuart Hensley abstaining from the vote.
The town solicited bids for technology services, with bids due on Jan. 16. Computer Technologies submitted the only bid. Specifications for the following services were requested, with the bid price noted: police department, managed services, $552 per month; police department, exchange e-mail accounts, 18 at $10 each month; town hall, managed services, $202 per month; town hall, exchange e-mail accounts, $10 per account; and migrating each machine to exchange e-mail, $75 per hour; and any other technological services needed, $75 per hour.
Recreation and Parks Director Don Camacho requested an expenditure of $9,984 for fencing along the south side of the Snowflake Cemetery, with the money to come from the perpetual care fund.
The town received six bids on the project, ranging from $9,984 to over $17,000.
Camacho recommended they accept the low bid from Sterling Fence, Inc. The council unanimously approved issuing a contract to the low bidder, Sterling Fence.