Feb 152013

By Sam Conner
Discussion of the city’s recycling survey commanded most of the attention from the Winslow City Council and the audience at Tuesday’s meeting.
A considerable majority of those filling out the survey were opposed to any curbside recycling program that would add to the cost to residents, although there were a number of suggestions and comments. One obvious need from the survey was for the city to publicize the existence of such services as the pick-up of bulk items such as couches and refrigerators. Most surveyed had no knowledge of such a service.
The council appointed Jim MacLean to the Board of Adjustment.
A technical assistance contract with NACOG was approved for administration of Community Development Block Grants.
A consultant agreement with C and S Engineers, Inc. was approved for airport engineering design, planning and airport construction management at the Winslow Airport.
An ordinance was adopted authorizing the extension of the commercial ground lease for the Winslow-Lindbergh Regional Airport and the Columbia Scientific Balloon facility.
Four persons spoke during the call to the public on sidewalks in Coopertown, problems with police issues, public service, and the salt problem at or near the old Duke City property.
The consent calendar adoption gave approvals of the check register and minutes of two previous council meetings. Payment for purchase and installation of new playground equipment for Sacred Heart Park was approved.