Feb 272013

By Naomi Hatch
Members of the Taylor Town Council reviewed applications submitted for the interim town manager position during a special meeting held Feb. 19.
Council members and Town Attorney Sterling Solomon went into executive session to discuss and consider employment related issues regarding the positions of interim town manager and town manager.
Approximately an hour later they returned to regular session, where Councilman Alan Ramage moved to authorize Mayor Fay Hatch to negotiate with one applicant for the position of interim town manager, stating, “And we’ll go from there.”
They then discussed future agenda items, and Town Engineer Stu Spaulding expressed concern because they should already be in budget talks. Spaulding noted that it would be good if the interim town manager had experience with budgets. He also suggested the council should perhaps take staff members’ opinions rather than participate, adding, “Some things we really have to deal with, like funds we give to the senior center, Real AZ, the rodeo and other causes…Council should make a judgment on that,” said Spaulding, suggesting a work session.
Solomon said that typically council members meet an hour or an hour and a half prior to a council meeting in a work session to discuss the budget and give input. “That would be keeping with the open meeting law,” he said.
Two applications were received for the interim town manager positions. No further information was given.
“The reason we’re so secretive is we don’t want to jeopardize these people’s current jobs,” said the mayor.