Mar 012013

By Julie Wiessner
Winslow schools need room to grow at the lower grade levels.
Superintendent Doug Watson explained the reason for moving all third grade classes to Bonnie Brennan Elementary School, saying, “We have had exceptionally large classes starting with the kindergarten class of 2010. Moving the entire third grade to Brennan will allow for additional expansion in grades one and two should the trend of large numbers of students in the lowest grades continue.
“It will also give us space should the laminated wood product and/or new casino at Twin Arrows increase our enrollment even further.”
The Winslow School District Governing Board moved one class of third graders last year to Bonnie Brennan, but Jefferson School still needs more space for its increased enrollment.
Eventually, said Watson, “We anticipate Jefferson Elementary to be grades one and two with a kindergarten by the 2014-15 school year, giving a kindergarten in each neighborhood.
“Bonnie Brennan will, in time, serve grades three and four with a kindergarten, and Washington will serve grades five and six, with a kindergarten as well. This is a very long term view and will likely change over several years in the future. All of this will create added space for students in the future as we continue to grow,” said Watson.
There has been no vote as of yet to make any changes in the fifth grade classes for next year.
All of the schools will still have a gifted program, and Bonnie Brennan will remain as it is currently, a project based learning school using technology.