Mar 062013

By Linda Kor
The Windflower Ranch Kennels in Taylor was paid another visit by the Snowflake-Taylor Police Department last Thursday when officers executed a search warrant at the property, also known as Tilly Star Kennels.
SFPD Animal Control, with the assistance of Navajo County Animal Control, removed four dogs from the property due to their health conditions. According to Chief Jerry Van Winkle, the dogs were evaluated by a local veterinarian and then transported to the animal shelter for safe harbor pending a hearing to request the humane disposition of the dogs.
This isn’t the first contact police have had with the kennel. Last October it was discovered by law enforcement that the owner of the kennel, John Banker, had 93 dogs and puppies at his kennel that were not vaccinated or licensed. In November, Banker was cited with 92 counts of Taylor Town Code violations for having unlicensed dogs, a Class 1 misdemeanor. At the time Banker was being cited he denied a request by the officer to look at the back portion of his property where it had been reported that there was an open pit where deceased dogs were being discarded. Banker denied having the pit and also denied the officer access to his property. The outcome of that case is still pending in Snowflake Justice Court.
According to Chief Van Winkle, this latest investigation is ongoing and further details will be provided as they become available.