Mar 082013

By Greg Perkins
Holbrook’s track teams had their first taste of competition last Saturday, competing in the warmer temperatures at the Desert Classic Meet in Queen Creek. The Roadrunners competed against 21 other teams, mostly from the upper divisions. The girls’ team placed 17th and the boys’ squad finished in 18th place overall.
In the individual events, Mason Moore was the only participant to claim points for the boys’ team, finishing in third place overall in the 110 meter hurdles with a time of 16.26. He also finished ninth in the 300 meter hurdles in 45.53.
Freshman Darrian Hollins earned the only points for the girls’ team, placing eighth in the high jump by clearing 4-08.
In the boys’ 100 meter dash, Dontae Hollins was 23rd in 11.9; Daniel Foster, 49th in 12.82; and Wazuri Waits, 54th in 13.09.
In the 200 meter dash, Hollins was 28th in 24.39; and Michael McMonigal, 58th in 26.66.
In the 400 meter dash, Jonathan Dawson was 36th in 59.72; and Duane Begay, 43rd in 1:05.
In the 800 meter run, Mark Clark placed 27th in 2:23; Keanu Begay, 38th in 2:27; and Christian Young, 49th in 2:45.
In the 1600 meter run, Terrell Twobulls placed 10th in 4:56; and Caleb McClellan, 33rd in 5:21.
In the 3200 meter run, Marcos Clark was 14th in 11:08; Mark Clark, 17th in 11:24; and Kyle Baldwin, 40th in 13:46.
In the 110 meter hurdles Mason Moore was third; and Marcel Young, 18th in 19.25.
In the 300 meter hurdles, Marcel Young finished 13th in 46.25; and Jonathan Dawson, 33rd in 50.62.
In the 4×100 meter relay, Jason Moore, Dontae Hollins, Wazuri Waits and Michael McMonigal teamed up to place 13th with a time of 47.53.
In the 4×400 meter relay, the combo of Mark Clark, Marcos Clark, Shane Thomas and Jake Lester finished 17th with a time of 4:17.
In the 4×800 meter relay, Levi McClellan, Micah McClellan, Jake Lester and Shane Thomas placed seventh overall with a time of 9:04.
Michael McMonigal was 38th in the long jump with a jump of 15-01; and Jonathan Dawson, 40th with 14-02.
In the shot put, Ben Williams placed 22nd with a toss of 37-06; Ryan Lester, 50th with 30-01; Wade Biakeddy, 58th with 25-06; and James Sumpter, 60th with 21-10.
In the discus, Ben Williams was 20th with a throw of 111-02; Ryan Lester, 34th with 88-04; James Sumpter, 55th with 55-05; and Wade Biakeddy, 57th with 55-01.
In the girls’ 100 meter dash, Darrian Hollins placed 18th with a time of 14.07; and Demi Phaturos, 37th with 15.17.
In the 200 meter dash, Darrian Hollins was 32nd in 30.65; and Demi Phaturos, 47th in 32.39.
In the 400 meter dash, Miya Tom placed 17th with a time of 1:09.
In the 800 meter run, Miya Tom was 18th with a time of 2:46; Latanya Lano, 36th in 3:05; and Morgan Zahne, 41st in 3:13.
In the 1600 meter run, Morgan Zahne placed 35th with a time of 7:09.
In the 100 meter hurdles, Shelby Kinlicheenie placed 25th with a time of 21.62; Cydney Walters, 26th in 21.73; and Ashlyn O’Hair, 29th in 26.41.
In the 300 meter hurdles, Cydney Walters placed 29th in 1:02; and Shelby Kinlicheenie, 33rd in 1:06.
In the long jump, Darrian Hollins was 10th with a distance of 14-03; and Demi Phaturos, 21st with 11-04.
In the shot put, Terrilyn Lester placed 24th with a toss of 24-04; Shandie Demuth, 28th with 23-03; Shayna Carlson, 33rd with 21-06; and Johanna Tsosie, 39th with 17-00.
In the discus, Terrilyn Lester placed 15th with a throw of 74-04; Shandie Demuth, 18th with 69-06; and Shayna Carlson, 35th with 45-03.
The teams will compete again on Wednesday, March 13, at a four-way meet in Winslow, as well as at the larger Round Valley Invitational meet on Friday, March 15.