Mar 132013

The Indian Wells Lady Roadrunner A team finished the basketball season Feb. 12 by winning the Nava-Hopi Area Junior High League (NHAJHL) championship for the second year in a row. The Roadrunners finished the season undefeated with a mark of 14-0 and claimed the title with a two-point victory over a tough Winslow squad.
Although the IWES team rolled through the season undefeated, the Roadrunners had their highs and lows. One of the reasons they were able to accomplish what they did was their strong sense of team. From the beginning of the season, the concept of “teammates” really meant something to them. Coach Cale Allen observed, “Early on, I saw the older girls working with the younger girls to help them improve their game. Each was constantly encouraging the other and supporting each other. When one girl would have a bad game, she was continually supported by the rest of the team.”
All 13 players on the squad filled significant roles throughout the season. Tristen Ambrose and Sevanah Bitahy consistently gave star performances. Shilaine Gorman and Megan Cummings sometimes sacrificed their own chances to score points as they played with the goal of improving their teammates’ skills. Allison Begay was a very tough player and one of the most aggressive. Veronica Manuel, a newcomer to the team, came on late in the year and was a strong rebounder underneath.
Coach Erica Chee also assisted the girls in developing their skills and teamwork. Her B team squad had a good season overall, finishing with a 5-3 record. During the final tournament, the seven-ranked Lady Birds were matched to play No. 8 Rocky Ridge. The opponent set up a good defensive zone, and it was tough for the B team girls to get any inside shots. The game was especially challenging because two key players were unable to be there. Although the IWES team succumbed in the end, Patricia Bahe and Tachisna Dixson kept the girls motivated and the game alive.