Mar 132013

By Greg Perkins
The Snowflake boys captured first place at the Northland Prep Skydome Classic held March 5 at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. The Lobos finished with 84 team points, easily outpacing second place Mingus with 41 and third place Sedona, which finished with 40. The Lady Lobos finished tied with Payson for third place with 44 team points. Sedona claimed the top prize with 71 and Mingus finished second with 56. Eighteen teams competed at the indoor meet.
In the boys’ 60 meter dash, Dustin Shumway was 11th; Landon Godfrey, 12th; and Drew Schneider, 28th.
In the 200 meter dash, Jeff Hannon Brooks placed fifth; Everett Lunt, 14th; and Drew Schneider, 19th.
In the 400 meter dash, Jeff Hannon Brooks was sixth; Joey Cox, ninth; and Brenton Ballard, 15th.
In the 800 meter run, Jordan Gardner was second; Joey Cox, third; and Keagan Kay, 33rd.
In the 1600 meter run, Jordan Gardner placed fifth; Hyrum Hanlon, 19th; and Daylon Flake, 31st.
In the 3200 meter run, Hyrum Hanlon was 14th.
In the 60 meter hurdles, Dustin Shumway placed first; Matthew Tenney, eighth; and Kirt Solomon, 12th.
The quartet of Dustin Shumway, Jordan Gardner, Joey Cox and Jeff Hannon Brooks placed second in the 4×400 meter relay.
In the shot put, Chase Walden was second; J.T. Bradley, third; and Logan Rackley, ninth.
In the high jump, Everett Lunt placed fifth; Keagan Kay, eighth; and Keagan Bjorn, 15th.
In the pole vault, Matt Babb was first; Quentin Scott, fourth; and Jacob Johnson, 13th.
In the long jump, Landon Godfrey was second; Lukas Van Woutke, fifth; and Chase Walden, eighth.
In the triple jump, Lukas Van Woutke was third; Landon Godfrey, fifth; and Kirt Solomon, 17th.
In the girls’ 60 meter dash, McKenzie Wood was fourth; and Kadi Johnson, seventh.
In the 200 meter dash, Sydney Olson placed 11th; Skylee Scott, 17th; and Nikki Hill, 24th.
In the 400 meter run, Melissa Allen was fifth; and Britlee Merrell, 24th.
In the 800 meter run, Kamala Ashcroft was 35th; and Shelby Prestwich, 44th.
Kamala Ashcroft placed 42nd in the 1600 meter run.
In the 60 meter hurdles, Kianna Natividad placed first; Kilee Richards, fourth; and Charly Flake, 15th.
The foursome of Jessica Neff, Britlee Merrell, Charly Flake and Melissa Allen finished ninth in the 4×400 meter relay.
Jessica Neff placed third in the shot put.
In the high jump, Mikaila Jordan was fourth; Annika Decker, eighth; and Amanda Lara, 14th.
In the long jump, Kianna Natividad was 10th; Kadi Johnson, 11th; and McKennzie Wood, 15th.
In the triple jump, Sydney Olson placed second; Kadi Johnson, third; and Kilee Richards, seventh.