Mar 132013

By Greg Perkins
Joseph City had a good showing at the Northland Prep Academy Skydome Classic held March 5 in the Walkup Skydome in Flagstaff. The boys’ team finished ninth and the girls were eighth in the 18-team field consisting mostly of larger schools.
In the boys’ 60 meter dash, Jacob Fields finished 15th; and Josh Burt, 27th.
In the 200 meter dash, Chance Rush was 15th; Josh Burt, 16th; and Connor Neal, 44th.
In the 400 meter run, Landen Hunt was 19th; and Tyler Hudson, 37th.
In the 800 meter run, Forester Flake placed 21st; Daniel Hutches, 25th; and Landon Baldwin, 34th.
In the 1600 meter run, Landon Baldwin was 36th; and Tyler Hudson, 51st.
In the 60 meter hurdles, Chance Rush placed third overall.
Lance Farnes was 17th in the high jump event.
In the long jump, Connor Neal placed 19th; and Lance Farnes, 26th.
Jacob Fields had the highest placing of the day for the Wildcats with a win in the triple jump.
In the girls’ 60 meter dash, Lindi Gardner placed 24th; and Alyssa Hutchens, 45th.
In the 200 meter dash, Lindi Gardner was 16th; and Alyssa Hutchens, 40th.
In the 400 meter dash, Kristin Baldwin placed second overall.
Britney Smith was 38th in the 800 meter run.
Lexi Edwards finished 10th in the 1600 meter run.
Brooke Baldwin placed fifth in the 60 meter hurdles.
Britney Smith, Lindi Gardner, Kristin Baldwin and Brooke Baldwin combined to finish fifth in the 4×400 meter relay.
In the shot put, Kayla Pugh was fourth, and Madisen Fields, 17th.
In the high jump, Britney Smith was 13th.
Alyssa Hutchens placed 44th in the long jump event.