Mar 152013

By Sam Conner
The Winslow City Council adopted a resolution Tuesday evening calling for a special election to be held on May 21 for approval or rejection of a five-year extension of the two percent restaurant and bar tax.
There was discussion and the council was given four names from which to choose two new planning and zoning commission members. The council chose John Henling and Robin Henry, the same applicants it had chosen in its last meeting when they were the two recommended for the positions.
The council also discussed adoption of fees for graveside services lasting longer than one hour. The city attorney was asked to draft a measure which encourages limiting the length of services to approximately an hour, but does not mention an additional fee.
Proclamations were issued honoring the state champion Winslow Lady Bulldog basketball team, the state champion pom line and their coaches.
This was Winslow High School’s ninth state championship in girls’ basketball. The team, coaches and managers were present, including Marcella Joe, Laylane Benslow, Ami Begay, Jacey Sangster, Stephanie Begody, Halle Hayes, Mattea Begaii, Katonya Begay, Theresa Thompson, Christine Dale, Shandiin Armao, Kaelyn Bitsoi, Tannon Tom, Michaela Bia, Head Coach Jerron Jordan, Assistant Coach Karen Rockwell, Junior Varsity Coach Lynn Sawyer, Freshman Coach Eric Petranovich, and managers Andrea Bollin, Alicia Chen and Analayah Ahasteen.
It was Winslow’s fifth championship for the pom line. Those honored were Tamry Ramsey, Shyenne Sweet, Lindsey Williams, Reanna Sanchez, Emily Woods, Lilly Mangus, Brittni Sorensen, Jennifer Brown, Jacqueline Ribera, Kristina Mangus, Alexa Gilbert, Head Coach Tamie Ramsey and Assistant Coach Carleen Walton.
The council heard reports from City Manager Jim Ferguson on city activities, during which time he spoke of the city dredge at Clear Creek, which was shot and sunk. He said that the city is looking into its options for repairs.
Ferguson also noted that there are three vacancies on the arts council and one on the board of adjustment.
The council approved the consent calendar, which included the check register and minutes of the Feb. 26 council meeting.
Judy Howell spoke during the call to the public and urged the council to build an adequate animal shelter and hire a full-time person to staff it.