Mar 202013

By Naomi Hatch
Vice Mayor Jason Whiting, Lynn Johnson and Councilman Kerry Ballard were the top three votegetters in the March 12 Snowflake Primary Election, according to the unofficial results, and all three were elected to the town council outright.
The winners of the final two seats up for election this year will be determined in the May 21 general election from a field of four candidates, including Councilmen Tom Poscharsky and Stuart Hensley, Roger Morgan and Jeff Brimhall.
Whiting was the sole candidate for a two-year term on the council, and drew 410 of the 574 votes cast.
Johnson led the list of candidates for four, four-year terms on the council with 381 votes, followed by Ballard with 334; Poscharsky, 284; Hensley, 274; Morgan, 271; Brimhall, 230; and Joseph Holland, 210.
To be elected outright in the primary election, a candidate must have received 50 percent of the vote plus one, or 288.