Mar 202013

By Julie Wiessner
A tremendous amount of work was accomplished in 2012 at the historic courthouse in Holbrook, thanks to the Navajo County Historical Society and 13 dedicated volunteers. That work and plans for the future will be topics of the society’s annual meeting, scheduled at 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 21, in the Route 66 Auditorium at the old courthouse.
The auditorium has been freshly painted with an additional exterior door installed, as well as a handicap ramp. The finishing touches to the auditorium will depict Holbrook’s Route 66 era.
The restrooms have been painted; new and added-to exhibit boxes were installed, and several repairs were made. Seven new displays were created from stored items and are now ready for viewing, and a new research library is available. Requests for information can be completed by staff members and made available for a nominal fee.
Ninety-nine percent of the museum’s inventory is complete and the data has been placed on a software program, making several ways to search for items and information available.
The courthouse improvements have been made possible through donations of material by several businesses, and labor from volunteers who gave a total of 2,954 hours to complete the projects thus far. The society is very thankful for their efforts.
A raffle is being held for a donated Route 66 lap robe, book and wall clock until the Parade of Lights Festival. Check at the visitor’s desk to find out how to win these items.
The auditorium is ready for use by reservation, but needs to be booked and approved in advance. It is ideal for community meetings, seminars and other small groups.
Donations to help continue the work at the courthouse are always welcome, and are tax deductible.
For more information, contact the museum at (928) 524-6558, e-mail or visit the website