Mar 272013

By Sam Conner
Winslow Junior High School Principal Justin Hartman report on the school’s Gear-Up program during the March 20 meeting of the Winslow School District Governing Board.
He noted that all of the eighth graders had taken the Explore test in November, which includes academics such as English, math, reading and science, as well as the students’ interests. It is a good tool for a student to use in planning his or her career, and knowing what to take in high school and post-secondary education.
Troy McReynolds described it as the most useful test he has ever seen.
During his presentation Hartman also showed pictures of teachers and staff members being hit in the face with pies by students who had earned that privilege. The board members expressed their pleasure at seeing such fun being a part of the educational process.
As old business the board approved the second reading of a policy on promotion and retention of students, which removed a paragraph included in error.
The board approved the hiring of Ronald Hayduk and Curtis Yowytewa as part-time substitute bus drivers, Brenda Barr as a first grade teacher at Jefferson School and a large list of personnel rehired for the 2013-14 school year.
The transfers of Molly Jackson from part-time classroom aide to full-time special education classroom aide at Jefferson School, Hartman from WJHS principal to athletic director and assistant principal at Winslow High School, Toni Villanueva from third grade to second grade teacher, and Beth Bordner from third grade teacher to second grade teacher at Jefferson School were approved.
Jessica Ortega was approved as a volunteer track coach at WHS.
Retirements or resignations were approved for WHS secretary Cora Cunningham, first grade teacher Kelly Dones and special education classroom aide Mitzi Johnson at Jefferson School, kindergarten teacher Kathleen Sutphen at Bonnie Brennan School, English teacher Annie Watson and math teacher Lawrence Watson at WHS, and third grade teacher Danelle Garner at Bonnie Brennan School.
The board approved acceptance of $84 for Jefferson School and $107 for Washington School from the Arizona Restaurant Systems, Inc. for Sonic Night, and $100 for the WHS Baseball Club from Katherine McCauley.
A teacher evaluation instrument for 2013-14 was adopted by the board.
Tax credit and fees were approved with the necessary listing of activities for which they are listed.
Silver Strong and Associates were approved as the sole source provider for Core Leadership training for administrators and school leaders.