Apr 102013

The results of the February Northeastern Arizona PAL Sportsmen’s Association Handgun Match included: Auto-1, Frank Lucero, Bill Ragan and Trevor Henry; Auto-2, Craig Morgan, Albert Browning and Ki Sung; Revolver, Ken Peshlakai and Ron Piotrowski; and Rifle, Frank Lucero, Chris Michels and Bob Cayton.
Stage winners were: first, second and fourth stages, Bill Ragan; and third stage, Craig Morgan.
The first stage was an 18-round standard course with two-hand, right hand and left hand shooting, with reloads and lots of no-shoot targets thrown in. The second stage was a 22-round field course with windows and shooting through tunnels, and again, lots of no-shoot targets in the mix. The third stage was another 22-round field course with lots of move movement and, once again, those pesky no-shoot targets waiting to trip up the shooters. Stage four was a quick six-round speed course with four targets.
The next handgun match with categories for pistol and revolver will begin at 8:45 a.m. on Saturday, April 13. Match fees for members are $5 per gun and for non-members, $8. The group shoots under USPSA/IPSC rules. Bring gloves, water, a snack and a pen.
For more information, call Larry Maier at (928) 537-1076 or e-mail spfd03@frontiernet.net, write Frank Lucero at Northeastern Arizona PAL Sportsmen’s Association, P.O. Box 368, Holbrook, Ariz. 86025 or e-mail him at flucero917@yahoo.com.