Apr 122013

By Julie Wiessner
The Holbrook School District Governing Board accepted the resignation of Jeremy Hatch as assistant principal of Holbrook Junior High School Tuesday evening. Hatch will continue in his current position until the end of the school year.
The board also agreed to a policy change that could attach a greater fine to certified employees who resign prior to the end of their contractual term. The change states that the board may assess up to $2,500 in liquidated damages if the employee breaks his or her contract after June 15. The previous policy allowed the board to assess no more than $1,500.
The board also approved the salary placement schedules for 2103-14, including a $500 increase for the certified faculty placement schedule and the administrative placement schedule. In addition to the $500 increase on the schedule, the board approved a 1.5 percent raise for all certified teachers, support staff supervisors and certified administrators.
During the call to the public, Chantelle Taylor presented information on placement of specific third grade students in Joyce Miles’ second grade class next year. Taylor stated that during their initial assessment the students had been treated as an accelerated class and that as of January, the students had surpassed the year-end goals and have been working on fourth grade math.
Taylor further noted that a group of parents want to continue the accelerated class for their students, otherwise, they feel there could be behavioral issues due to the lack of stimulation in their education.
Rosa Alley, a member of the Park Elementary School and Holbrook High School site councils. Also spoke during the call to the public.
“Our kids could use a really healthy breakfast and lunch,” Alley told the board. “I have seen that our kids want to be healthy by the choices they make. As a result, the students are continually running out of yogurt and fresh fruit.” She informed the board that the Healthy Holbrook program will be presented on Wednesday, May 15, at Hulet Elementary School, and noted that she would like to invite the public. The program will feature booths for parents to come and participate in activities including Zumba, a Latin dance-style aerobics exercise.
In other action April 9, the board:
* Approved a three-year agreement with the Northern Arizona Council of Government Head Start Program to define responsibilities that outline the partnership between the two entities.
* Held the first reading of a policy on graduation requirements recommended by the Arizona School Boards Association, which outlines the credit requirements including new math and science credits set forth by the State Board of Education.
* Held the first reading of a policy regarding the admission of transfer students to align with new graduation requirements for students transferring credits to HHS.
* Approved teacher contracts for returning certified staff members for the 2013-14 school year, as well as for administrators and supervisors.
* Approved support staff employment for Levi McClellan, cafeteria student worker; Sierra Justman, HJHS special education aide; and Timothy Begay, substitute bus driver.
* Approved certified employment for Jeremy Naranjo and Eva Purvis as substitute teachers.
* Approved the gift of Channel One News equipment, digital head-end units, televisions/mounts, carts and/or the satellite dish to the HJHS and HHS from Channel One Network, as well as a donation from Alco of new packaged miscellaneous hardware supplies valued at $15,750.69.
* Approved professional leave for Robbie Koerperich, Jeri McKinnon, Connie McPherson, Charles Haussman and Mike McClellan to attend Beyond Textbooks Training, March 21 in Tucson at an estimated cost of $930, plus the use of a district vehicle; Jeremy Hatch, Linda McMahon, Erin Cuniffe, Tanya Phaturos, Connie Gover and Nichole Lozano, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports training, April 3 and 4 in Tempe at an estimated cost of $1,315.40, plus the use of district vehicles; and Amber Dennis, Charles Haussman and Elizabeth Baloo, Gear-Up Planning Conference, April 4 and 5 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $935.79, plus the use of a district vehicle.
Also, Jeri McKinnon, Connie McPherson and Lance Phaturos, Professional Educator Fair, April 16 and 17 in Portland, Ore., at an estimated cost of $3,600, plus the use of a district vehicle; Cindy Percy, Dual Enrollment/Northland Pioneer College, April 11 in Snowflake; Vicky Craig, Karalyn Reidhead, Stephanie Bridegam, Karen Estridge and Carey Kester, Tech For Learning Communities Assistive Technology Training, April 3 and 4 in Phoenix at an estimated cost of $2,056.30, plus the use of a district vehicle; Dale Larsen, Computerized Plasma Cutting Design, April 19 and 20 in Gilbert at an estimated cost of $345; and Cindy Percy, Financial Aid Forum, April 5 in Shiprock, N.M., at an estimated cost of the use of a district vehicle.
* Approved expense and revolving fund vouchers totaling $397,514.81, and payroll and expense vouchers totaling $1,288,680.92.
* Approved a fundraiser for the HHS Student Council to sell leftover sodas from concessions for $1.50 each, with estimated earnings of $400.